Saturday, November 2, 2013

A short version of Risk Factors from their H-D's latest10-K

There is no assurance that the Company will be able to grow.
Translation: women and residents of Mumbai may never buy an 800-lb motorcycle.

Company must protect its intellectual property from imitators by making product advancements while maintaining the classic look, sound and feel….
Translation: Any suggestions from customers would be welcome because we’ve run out of ideas. (see Rushmore)

The Company must detect issues with the Company's motorcycles or manufacturing processes to avoid recall campaigns, increased warranty costs or litigation, and delays in new model launches.
Translation: The recent 29,000 bike recall is hopefully not a sign of quality issues.  

If the Company's credit ratings are downgraded or its ratings outlook is negatively changed, the Company's cost of borrowing will increase, resulting in reduced earnings and interest margins, or the Company's access to capital may be disrupted or impaired.
Translation:  Keep S&P, Moody, and Fitch analysts happy.

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection ("CFPB"), has been granted significant enforcement and rule-making authority in the area of consumer financial products and services… Compliance may create operational constraints and place limits on pricing.
Translation:  We love getting 20+% interest but those days may be numbered.  

Many of the Company's competitors are more diversified than the Company... Also, the Company's manufacturer's suggested retail price for its motorcycles is generally higher than its competitors.
Translation:  Our competitors are bigger and richer and their bikes are cheaper.

The Company's current and future total compensation arrangements… may not be successful in attracting new employees and retaining and motivating the Company's existing employees.
Translation:  Cutting labor costs may cause quality issues. (see the recall)

The Company manufactures products that create exposure to product liability claims and litigation.
Translation:  Nobody has blamed us so far, but they sure could.  

Further, shipping products with poor quality may also adversely affect the Company's reputation.
Translation:  May???

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