Thursday, October 24, 2013


Harley-Davidson is claiming Project RUSHMORE as a new day in their product development approach.   So a company long known for merging their customers into their brand is now involving their customers in a new way? And what way is that?

Well, according to Mark-Hans Richer, Harley-Davidson Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Project Rushmore "...we’ve been focused on taking the total rider and passenger experience to the next level. We come together - to quote the Beatles - through a process that uses not just formal feedback, but the kind of input we get from listening to customers out on the road, and then we blend that with our engineering and styling expertise. For years at Harley-Davidson we’ve been saying that we ride with you. Project RUSHMORE elevates that devotion to a higher level."

from H-D's web site: "Project RUSHMORE is the result of an entirely new way to produce motorcycles. In a process that invokes the voice of the customer throughout an accelerated development program, the ideas and dreams of thousands of motorcyclists are allowed to percolate with those of Harley-Davidson employees. "

That's it? Some marketingspeak, a much did the consultants charge to propose that?

Oh, and one of the eight "extraordinary" bikes "that will recalibrate the expectations of the touring motorcyclist" is the 2014 CVO Road King which was, taking "devotion to a higher level", offered for $1500 less than the 2013 model but stripped of lower fairings, front and saddlebag speakers, 8GB iPod, and 200W audio amp, items easily worth > $2000.

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